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#1 Most Powerful CrossFit® Marketing Strategy

#1 Most Powerful CrossFit® Marketing Strategy

Unlock the Power of FREE MERCH for your CrossFit® Affiliate!

Owning a CrossFit® Affiliate is about making a statement, and what better way to get noticed than through FREE MERCH!

When it comes to promoting your CrossFit® Box, having it showcased on merchandise is a game-changer for attracting new members.

Print your unique apparel with Fully Amped for a cost-effective and efficient advertising boost! Elevate your Box's visibility by offering your current members a complimentary item featuring your logo, and provide additional items at discounted prices.

Members are fiercely loyal to their CrossFit® Box, and by keeping your designs fresh, they'll proudly wear your merch multiple times a week. This not only boosts camaraderie among members but also sparks interest from friends and strangers, potentially leading to new sign-ups.

For every small business, gaining more members is crucial. Let Fully Amped be your ally in growing your CrossFit® Box and achieving even greater success!

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