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CrossFit Affiliate Print on demand

3 Reasons Why Print On Demand is Perfect for your CrossFit® Affiliate

First, What is Print on Demand?

It's the technology that has taken the fashion industry by storm. Products are printed digitally when you need them in whatever quantity you desire. 

Although Print on demand has already changed industries such as the book publishing industry evolving technology has shaken the apparel screen printing industry to its core. 

Here are the top 3 reasons why your CrossFit® Affiliate should be on Fully Amped!

1. Spend your money on what your Affiliate needs

We understand as a CrossFit® Affiliate, cash flow can be challenging. Print on demand allows you to direct money from what previously may have been sitting in inventory to what your gym really needs.

It’s awesome! Fully Amped pays for the order, collects money from the customer and at the end of every month you receive an ACH or check from your total sales of CrossFit® Affiliate apparel. You don’t need to spend anything on stock, unless you want to and no minimum quantity. 

You’ve just eliminated the need to spend cash on gear that either may not sell or will sit in inventory for long periods of time. You can now direct that cash towards the things your gym needs, such as marketing, dumbbells, whatever. 

You stop spending cash + you make cash = BOOM!🤯

2. Digital printing

The print on demand model is due to the many advancements in digital printing technology.

Print on demand uses a method of printing called Direct to Garment (DTG). It’s essentially modified inkjet printing technology that is capable of achieving the same photo-quality prints but on t-shirts and other garments.

Digital printing is superior in almost every way to bulk printing methods like screen-printing. It’s capable of ridiculously high quality prints that last, AND you can print literally anything you like, as long as it has CrossFit® in it. 

3. Don’t just print on demand: Drop Ship

We combine printing on demand with your order fulfillment. So the same company (Fully Amped) prints your products on demand, and then fulfills the orders on your behalf.

Fully Amped's product range doesn’t stop at t-shirts either, hoodies and tanks are also available so you can develop a product range that suits your Box perfectly.

Printing on demand is awesome and considering Fully Amped is a smart move for your CrossFit® Box.

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