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Drop Ins At Your Box?

Drop Ins At Your Box?

In this weeks blog we want to focus on drops ins at your Box and how you can use the Affiliate Marketplace to enhance the drop in experience.

Obvious question, do CrossFitters love t-shirts? A resounding YES!

What do you currently charge for a drop in at your CrossFit® Affiliate? The common answer among affiliates is $20. Besides a work out, som boxes include a t-shirt, ordered from Fully Amped and shipped directly to the visitors front door. They don't have to pack any additional stuff, they have a fantastic experience at the Box and when they get home they have a shirt waiting for them that memorializes their experience. This also establishes a potential future customer by introducing them to new designs when they become available.

With no quantity minimums, we also have a few designs displayed so if they want to take their shirt immediately they also have that option. However, more designs are available on Fully Amped.


The key is the transaction and how to manage that. Try to keep things as simple as possible to ensure an excellent customer experience. Currently the majority of CrossFit® drop ins prefer to pay in cash, however as many people have often times paid in advance via credit card. So how would this translate into ordering a shirt from Fully Amped?

With cash purchases when signing the waiver many affiliates have visitors select their shirt via whatever device we are using, be it a computer or iPad and provide their shipping details. Then at the end of each shift / day our administrative staff orders the shirt and completes the transaction. Sure, it's a bit of a manual process but the visitor has a tremendous customer service experience.

If your Box primarily uses credit card transactions for drop ins you can link your custom URL to the reservation process that allows your visitor to go onto Fully Amped at their own convenience. This option lets you even have the opportunity for a potential up sell. 

The goal in all of this is to memorialize your visitors experience, build your brand outside of your membership and at the end of the day make additional money through retail sales. Nobody ever turns down a shirt!

If you have any further questions regarding how we handle drop ins and how we integrate Fully Amped into the process to sell more of your CrossFit® Affiliate apparel please contact us at

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