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Maximize Retail At Your CrossFit® Affiliate

Maximize Retail At Your CrossFit® Affiliate

What if you could earn an additional $1,000 a month at your CrossFit® Affiliate by paying a little more attention to your retail approach? To put it in further perspective that is $12,000 annually in new "found" money that can help you better run your business. Need new equipment? Want to tackle a remodel? Imagine an additional $12K to put towards the cause.

According to a 2018 report referenced in Box Pro Magazine leading Box owners generate an additional $1,779 a month with retail sales. You just need to put in a little dedicated effort and watch your retail sales grow almost immediately.

Take advantage of your retail space no matter the size:

First, rotate your apparel. Offering new designs seasonally will drive apparel sales and order only what you need from Fully Amped with no quantity minimums.

Second, it's not about the quantity of what you display, it is the quality. If you only have enough room to hang two items, make them your most popular seller, not just something you had in stock. You have to stock the shelves with stuff that is actually selling, not what you may want to sell due to stock.

Do you actually use the products you sell?

Even if you are ultimately just trying to increase your bottom line, what is the point if you are not helping your members in the process? Selling products that you yourself believe in and recommend will do wonders in the sales department.

It is important that you sell only supplements and gear that you use yourself so your recommendations are true and easily made. Assisting your athletes to become better through your own experience is tried and true. CrossFit® is not a transactional business, it's a community and this approach ties directly into retail success.

What can I find the time to tackle retail?

We have come across a lot of Affiliates that previously avoided retail completely. Whether it was abandoning the opportunity entirely or only doing apparel pre-sale orders we've experienced and quite frankly...done it all. 

Making the transaction simple is key. Many boxes doesn't have staff at a retail area or front desk so we needed to be creative. We found that many members preferred to make their purchases unmanned and on the honor system. So we recommend creating an environment so they could do so without requiring a Coach to stop coaching.

It should be simple for your Athlete to walk up to the wall, grab a t-shirt, sign/pay and walk away. 

Don't let time and ease of use stand between you and your additional $12K a year.

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