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The Launch Of Premium Designs

The Launch Of Premium Designs

Coming up with new design concepts for your CrossFit® Affiliate can be both frustrating and expensive. Especially if your like me and lacking a certain creativity gene...

As Affiliate owners ourselves it was important for us to provide a solution to this problem. First, with our Design-As-A-Service we offer a reasonable price to get a new design created for your Affiliate. Once created the Affiliate owns the design and can use it however they like. If you are interested in creating your own custom CrossFit® Affiliate design please visit us HERE

The second and more affordable concept is our Premium Design templates and we are happy to announce that this week we launched our first two Premium Design concepts in honor of the fantastic Home Box Office hit Game of Thrones! With our own spin of course, 'I Lift Weights And I Know Things' and 'Gain Of Thrones' are both customizable for your CrossFit® Affiliate for only $60 each. We add your Affiliate name to the design and can make it available on your store within 24 hours.

We plan to increase the number of premium designs available in the coming months and remember, routinely freshening your designs and available apparel to members will help drive your retail sales. 

The non-customized version of each design is available for purchase now on Fully Amped

By setting up a free store on Fully Amped you can print On-Demand apparel with no quantity minimums shipped directly to your Box or your customer. 

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