February 22, 2019

 At The Affiliate MarketPlace, we get asked the following question by licensed CrossFit® Affiliates daily.

"Why should I order my apparel for my CrossFit® gym on AMP with Print-on-demand instead of going to my local screen printer?"

The answer requires some self-reflecting...Ask yourself, what is the price you really pay when it comes to screen printing?

Here are the main things you should consider when answering this question:

1. How much do they charge to set up the screen?

2. How much do they charge to ship the garments to my Box?

3a. What is the quantity minimum that I must order?


3b. If doing a pre-order how much time do I spend on fulfillment?

4. How do I handle and how much time do I spend on returns?

5. Where do I store my apparel?

6. How do I properly track inventory and protect from theft?

7. How much time do I spend on size exchanges?

8. What do I do with the apparel I can't move?

As fellow CrossFit® Affiliate owners we had to ask ourselves these same difficult questions and unfortunately, the answers kept us from taking advantage of retail opportunities at our Box. Until now...

At fullyamped.com you can design, print and purchase your CrossFit® Affiliate apparel with no setup fees, no quantity minimums and apparel delivered right to the doorstep of your customer within a matter of days. Your revenue share is delivered monthly and with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have a happy member.

Click here to get started today!



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