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Who's Behind The Affiliate Marketplace?

As we approach the launch of our 200th CrossFit® Affiliate store on the Affiliate Marketplace, we felt this was a great time to fill you in on who's behind AMP and why we do what we do.

Most importantly, AMP is owned by CrossFit® Affiliate owners, who are experts in their respective professional fields. Also, AMP was created by Affiliate owners who committed the time and energy in building the design and apparel solution for CrossFit® Affiliate Owners. 

The Kila Group is the company behind AMP, 'Kila' being the Hawaiian word for Steel, more on that below. This is a combination of three people, CEO Marcus Dedina, COO Jared 'JT' Grugett and VP of Sales Brian Holley; collectively they own Dynamis CrossFit located in Carlsbad, CA and Diamond Bar CrossFit located guessed it...Diamond Bar, CA

Marcus and JT met in Honolulu, Hawaii (giving way to the name Kila) back in 2007 at CrossFit Oahu. They both agree, if you get the chance to get fit at CrossFit it, as it is still one of the best Boxes around (

Since Marcus started his journey in CrossFit® in 2006 he's gone onto found Sites AsRx in 2007, Dynamis CrossFit 2012, Co-Found Life AsRx in 2008 and has been a creative consultant for numerous companies in the CrossFit® community including CrossFit®, Inc. since 2008. 

JT and Brian met in Las Vegas, Nevada at a mutual friends' bachelor party in 2014 and partnered up at Diamond Bar CrossFit in 2015, which Brian had owned since 2012.

The three came together in 2017 to form The Kila Group with 4 goals in mind:

1. Run two phenomenal CrossFit Boxes - DONE!

2. Solve the apparel problem for CrossFit® Affiliates - DONE!

3. Re-acquire Life AsRx - DONE and re-launching soon!

4. Manufacture an awesome men's CrossFit® short - COMING

We knew we were missing a huge opportunity with our retail and apparel sales at our Boxes and too many times we had inventory we couldn't move and sunk cost that prevented us from launching new designs. This was a problem we had to solve for the health of our business.

We understand the difficulties in operating a successful small business, because that was us. The first thing you will notice when you set up your free CrossFit® Affiliate apparel store on AMP is that we do not make money unless and until you do. The online store and set up is completely free and the revenue starts flowing only when apparel is sold. We were determined to create a true Win/Win scenario for all CrossFit® Affiliates.

The CrossFit® community is important to us, we are a part of it and stand proudly to have earned a license with CrossFit® Inc. to become the Officially licensed provider of CrossFit® Affiliate apparel. 

Visit us out at and join the Affiliate Marketplace, where you can make money selling your apparel without spending a dime of your own.

More on the partners of The Kila Group below:

Marcus Dedina, CEO: Founder Sites AsRx (2007), Co-Founder Life AsRx (2008), Founder Dynamis CrossFit (2012), Affiliate owner Diamond Bar CrossFit (2017). Crossfit® certifications: CrossFit® Level 2 Certified Coach, CrossFit® Gymnastics Certification Staff Coach, CrossFit® Nutrition Certified Coach w/ Robb Wolf, CrossFit® Endurance Certified Coach, CrossFit® Football Certified Coach, CrossFit® Olympic Weightlifting Certified Coach, USA Weightlifting Club Coach Certified

Jared Grugett, COO: Affiliate owner Diamond Bar and Dynamis CrossFit, former college football and baseball player. Youth sports coach.

Brian Holley, VP of Sales: Founder Diamond Bar and Dynamis CrossFit, CrossFit® Level 1 certified. Former college football player and team captain of the California Berkley Bears.


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