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Affiliate FAQs

To use our service, please note that there is a $99 subscription fee and you must be a licensed CrossFit Affiliate.

Here are some commonly asked questions about our service:

Q: What does an Affiliate store look like?A: You can explore an example of our Affiliate store design by visiting the following link:Affiliate Store Example.

Q: How does the store setup process work? A: Once you complete the signup process, a dedicated project manager will get in touch with you to guide you through the process. We will create your store within a timeframe of four weeks, ensuring a seamless experience.

Q: Can I utilize graphics sourced from the internet? A: No, utilizing graphics from sources such as Google Images and similar platforms is not allowed due to trademark law regulations. Your graphics must be custom-created or owned exclusively by you to ensure compliance. 

Q: Do you provide graphic design services? A: Currently, we do not offer graphic design services, so all graphics must be provided in high-resolution .ai format. We cannot print .jpegs, ,gifs, or .pngs.

Q: How does the product fulfillment process function? A: Our products operate on a Print-On-Demand basis. This means we produce garments upon order placement and promptly ship them directly to your members within 72 hours. This streamlined process enables you to offer a diverse range of products without managing inventory.

Q: What is the payment process for Affiliates? A: Upon becoming an Affiliate, you gain access to our Affiliate Portal. This portal allows you to track sales, monitor your earnings, and access various other tools. Earnings are disbursed via PayPal on a monthly basis.

Q: Are there any minimum order requirements? A: No, we have eliminated minimum order requirements. This empowers you to provide personalized products without the need for bulk orders.

Q: What product variety do you offer? A: Our product range includes an assortment of items such as tees, tanks, hoodies, and crew neck sweatshirts. We continuously strive to expand options for the CrossFit Community, using top-quality prints and blanks from renowned brands like Next Level Apparel, Independent Trading Company, Bella + Canvas, and more. You can view the CrossFit HQ store for our example catalog.

Q: How are the financials structured? A: Our store build-out service is complimentary, and we charge an annual hosting fee of $99. As a Licensed CrossFit Affiliate, you can expect to earn an average of 30% of the retail price per garment, contingent on print locations and garment types. Shipping fees are based on USPS rates, with no additional markup, and a nominal handling fee is applied to each order.

Q: Can International Affiliates join the program? A: Currently, we do not support International Affiliates. However, we are actively working on expanding our services to include this option in the near future.

Q: Is participation open to non-CrossFit Affiliates? A: No, our services are exclusively available to licensed CrossFit Affiliates. This specialization ensures tailored products and services for the CrossFit Community.

Important Note: When submitting your graphics, you agree to our terms and conditions, confirming ownership of the graphics and no infringement on the rights of other parties.

We trust that these answers assist you in evaluating our service. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with you to bolster the success of your Affiliate.