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1. Send us your artwork and your official Affiliate logo (up to 5 graphics total). Please ask your Designer for the "vector" or "high resolution" files (.ai or .eps).
Note: We cannot print low-resolution graphics which are usually in the form of a .gif or .jpeg.
2. Once we have your artwork we will begin to build your store which take roughly 1-4 days depending on how many stores we have in queue. 
IMPORTANT: All artwork must be owned by you and cannot be directly pulled for another brand or the internet. Artwork that appears to be an intellectual property infringement will automatically be declined and reported to CrossFit Inc. 
3. Once your store is ready we will email you a link for you to view. In addition during this step, we will set up your wholesale log-in and send out your ACH application form. This will allow you to receive wholesale discounts for your in-affiliate sales and have an avenue to receive your monthly payout for your online sales.
4. Once your ACH account is connected we will send you a printable QR code that links directly to your store so you can start selling to your members right away!
What does a store look like?
Here's an example of one of our Affiliates:
How does a store work? 
All of our products are Print-On-Demand which allows us to make a garment as soon as it is ordered and send it out within 24hrs from one of our many U.S.-based fulfillment facilities. 
How do I get paid?
You will receive an ACH payout every month that will deposit the money directly into your bank account. 
Are there minimums? 
Nope! One of the best things about our system is that we can do one garment at a time. 
What are some of the other benefits? 
  • Revenue: We have the best margins of any print-on-demand company in the industry.
  • Hands-free: Sell online without inventory or hassle. We do all the work!
  • Wholesale pricing: Order garments to sell at your box at discounted wholesale prices with NO minimums.
  • Unlimited artwork colors: No more being limited to screenprint color limitations. 
  • 24/7 email-based Customer Service: If there is an issue, we handle it, not you. 
  • 100% replacement guarantee: If something is wrong with the garment, we will replace it. 
  • Design Library: We have an ever-expanding design library for our clients for special events such as the CrossFit Open to allow you to have more options in your store!
What product do you offer? 
Here is a list of current product offerings.
What's the brass tax??
  • Store build-out: FREE 
  • Hosting: $99 per year
  • First five artwork uploads: FREE
  • You make between $7-$10 per garment depending on print locations and garment type. 
How much is shipping? 
Shipping is roughly $3.50 per shirt domestic (+$1 per each additional shirt) and $6 per shirt international (+$2 per each additional shirt). These costs are added to the price of checkout for your customers and do not come out of your pocket. 
Note: Since all garments are shipping out of the United States, international shipping can vary greatly. 
Do you allow International Affiliates to join? 
Sorry, not yet:( But we are working on it and hope to have something soon. Subscribe to our email list by going to to get the latest updates. 
Do you allow non-CrossFit Affiliates to be in your store? 
Sorry, we only offer our services to licensed CrossFit Affiliates. 
If you have any more questions please reply to this email and we will be happy to help! 
By sending Fully Amped your graphics, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.