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Earn up to 40% royalty on your stores sales and get wholesale pricing to stock your gym!


For an annual fee of $100, we specialize in setting up and managing your CrossFit affiliate store. Your designs will be added to our product line, allowing your community to purchase directly.

You'll earn a 20%-40% royalty on each sale via Paypal. Just sign up, send your graphics, and we'll handle the rest. Your store will be operational within a week.

After signing up, expect a personal email from us. We'll guide you step-by-step, ensuring a smooth setup for your store.

Automatic Discount: Thanks to the CrossFit Affiliate Partner Network your yearly membership will automatically be discounted to $75 per year.



How much do I make and how do I get paid?

You'll earn a profit margin of 20% to 40% on each product sold, with an average of 30% per item. Monthly payouts will be made directly to your PayPal account for ease and efficiency.

Additionally, you'll have access to a sales portal. This tool provides real-time data on sales and revenue, enabling you to track your store's performance and profits effectively.

Is PayPal required for receiving payments?

PayPal is our exclusive payment processor. This decision is driven by the need to efficiently manage the high volume of transactions with our CrossFit affiliates. Partnering with PayPal allows us to ensure timely and automated payouts.

Are you able to provide custom designs and personalized products?

Thank you for your interest in our services. At present, our focus is on maintaining a consistent and readily available stock for our extensive network of CrossFit gyms. This commitment to uniformity in our offerings means that we are unable to accommodate individual customizations for orders below 500 pieces. For smaller, bespoke orders, we recommend seeking the expertise of local screen printing professionals who specialize in personalized designs.

Additionally, while we currently do not offer in-house design services, we have established a partnership with Fiverr. This collaboration is aimed at assisting our clients in connecting with skilled designers who can meet their specific design requirements. We believe this approach will effectively support your needs while maintaining the integrity and efficiency of our core product line.

Can I sign up if I am not a CrossFit gym?

Our services are exclusively available to actively licensed CrossFit affiliates, in accordance with our specific licensing agreement with CrossFit. This exclusivity ensures that we provide a dedicated portal and specialized services tailored to meet the unique needs of the CrossFit community. Our focus on this niche allows us to concentrate on developing community-based designs and options that resonate with the ethos of CrossFit affiliates. Unfortunately, this means we are unable to extend our services to individuals or entities outside of this network.

Are there any additional charges

We apply a $2.00 setup fee for each color used on each garment. For example, if you select a design with three colors for a men's t-shirt, the total setup fee would be $6.00.

CrossFit Affiliate Store Membership

Register your store by signing up here. Once registered, you'll unlock access to our specialized store portal within two business days once have have verified your CrossFit Affiliate, enabling you to add your products and start your journey with us.

Important Points to Consider Before Registering:

  1. Product Color Fee: A nominal fee of $2.00 will be applied for premium color adds.

  2. Graphic Requirements: We require that all graphics be your original work. We cannot accept images taken directly from the internet such as Google images.

  3. Design Expectations: At present, we do not offer design services. You are expected to provide high-resolution, printable graphics in vector format.

Join us today and expand your store's reach with Fully Amped!