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5 Must Know Tips to Increase Retail Revenue At Your CrossFit® Affiliate

5 Must Know Tips to Increase Retail Revenue At Your CrossFit® Affiliate

Owning a small business is a wild ride, and for many CrossFit® Affiliates, the retail game often feels like a tricky puzzle. Been there, felt that. But guess what? We've cracked the code and amped up our monthly retail revenue with five game-changing tips:

1. Sell What You Believe In: We're all about trust. Only endorse products you genuinely believe in. Our rule? If we're not using it ourselves, it doesn't make the cut.

2. Spread The Word: Ever been so excited about something you can't help but shout it from the rooftops? That's the energy you need. We share our all of our affiliates products on social media and make our Fully Amped Store the talk of our website.

3. Sample The Product for Free: Remember the joy of a Costco sample? Well, try bringing that magic into your gym. Letting members try before they buy builds trust and ensures they get a taste of quality.

4. Make It Visible: If they can't see it, they won't buy it. A well-designed setup can work wonders.

5. Make It Easy To Purchase: We've all been in those stores where buying feels like rocket science. Not our style. Simplify the payment process, even allowing unmanned purchases through a slick purchase sheet. No cash, no problem.

Ready to amp up your retail game and watch that monthly revenue climb? Trust us; it's a game-changer!

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